SDG is a consulting and innovation firm

In 2003 Dr. Foust founded SDG International and brought together a team of experts who focus on new product/business/service opportunities from concept through to commercialization, often helping companies with serious turn-around needs.  We believe it is possible to help your organization deliver consistent, reliable, predictable, and profitable business results to your bottom line.  We pair business life experience with business best practices to offer customized solutions to your needs.

This frequently means SDG International also assists executives and leaders in developing peak performance teams and methods of operations in their companies, especially with regard to innovation and product/business/service development.  We have many tools in our toolbox utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies in our approach to deliver the first-class results.

The SDG team is passionate about helping companies—small to large to Fortune 500—overcome the impossible, regardless of the obstacle(s) that seem overwhelming.  We excel in finding the “next big thing” and bringing it from new-to-the-world concept to commercialization.

Dr. Thomas Foust

Founder and President
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Jerry McColgin

Executive Vice President
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Carrie K. Miller

VP Finance
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Ally Crabtree

Director of R&D
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Kira Wilkinson

Executive Assistant
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Natalie Randolph

Executive Assistance
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AJ Tentler

Industrial Design Intern
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Jessica Vrbanoff

Marketing Intern
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